• Khadi Bhringraj Hair Oil  210ml

Khadi Bhringraj Hair Oil 210ml


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Product Description

Advanced with bhringraj, shoe oil, lemon and other uncommon herbs, Khadi bhringraj hair oil gives profound sustenance to your hair to forestall hair fall and untimely turning gray. This hair reinforcing hair oil has a cooling impact and rubbing it into the scalp will help ease strain and cerebral pains. It is light and non-oily and mixes effectively into the scalp without giving a slick, oily inclination. The oil is made completely of home grown fixings and can be utilized as often as possible without stressing over symptoms. It profoundly conditions hair to forestall weakness and breaking along the pole and maintains a strategic distance from split closures. Normal use will advance long, radiant hair with a solid dark sparkle. Take around 5-10ml of the hair oil and back rub delicately all over your scalp in round developments. The oil can be left on medium-term also. For 100% genuine products order only at metromedi.com

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